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Leave a legacy of hope and possibility.

Make a tax-deductible donation, Sponsor a Teen or Program, Contribute to the Encouragement Album, Partner on a Cause Marketing Campaign.

Submit your event, program, workshop or activity to us and we will post it on our website for teens, parents and mentors. We want to make sure they know what you are doing and if it is open to the public or private. Click here to register your event today. 


Are you interested in helping our teens develop a healthy self-outlook and navigate the many challenges they face? Soon, you will be able to submit what you would like to share for review and indicate if it is for our “Tip Tuesday” “This Moment Matters” or “General Activity” segment.

 Note: Videos, images, and copy should not be or include pitches for products, programs, events, workshops, etc. You can register these types of activities here. And for products, use the contact page to inquire about our sponsorship opportunities.

Our youth need you. It’s no longer about who’s responsible, it’s about who is responsive. I Am Worth More invites you to be responsive today and help us address the controversial and most important issues stemming from society and the entertainment industry that limit the healthy development of young women and men aged 10 -18 nationally and internationally. 

Make a Contribution

Your tax-deductible monetary support helps I Am Worth More implement its programs and services and expands the organization’s reach. Want to double your gift? Contact your company’s human resources department and inquire if they have a Matching Gift Program. our initiatives and programs will continue to grow with your tax-deductible support.

Fundraise or Develop a Cause Marketing Program

Select I Am Worth More as your charity of choice at your next party or event or if you are promoting a product or service. By designating all or a percentage of the proceeds to I Am Worth More, you not only raise the visibility of our organization you also demonstrate social responsibility and create opportunities for your customers, employees, friends, family and constituents to give.

Become a Program/Project Sponsor

I Am Worth More offers numerous opportunities for a company or individual to sponsor a program or project at the organization. Contact us today and explore which program or service we have that would be a good match for you or your company.

Donate Your Services and Expertise

As a grass-roots organization, we value in-kind donations of services and expertise that advance our mission, and helps the organization meet its yearly goals.

Donate Items

Promotional items for events that allow us to motivate, encourage, support and increase the positive entertainment in-take of youth are also welcome. Remember in-kind support also has tax benefits.

Sponsor an Event

Underwrite or partially sponsor portions of an upcoming event. Contact us for more details. 

Help Us Help Youth Be Worth More.

All financial contributions should be made payable to I Am Worth More and mailed to:

I Am Worth More
c/o LaWanda Abel
PO Box 611
Bronx, N.Y. 10475

For sponsorship, in-kind donation and other fundraising opportunities contact I Am Worth More at or submit your inquiry or request on our feedback page.